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Motorul 1.8i 140CP - Opel Astra H

Last post 26-04-2010 19:11 by Ovidiu. 88 replies.
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  • 17-05-2009 19:58 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

    2009 F17-5 CR (M25)F17 Manual transmission for Saturn Astra   F17 - 5 CR transmission is a five - speed front wheel drive manual transmission.-          Capable of 175 Nm engine torque max. with restriction in 1st gear and reverse gear to 170 Nm.  Product Features-          2 shaft design-          Single piece aluminum transmission housing with separate bearing plate-          CR ratio layout with Final drive ratio 3,94-          Maximum input speed 6500 rpm-          1st and 2 nd  gear with 3-cones synchronization -          All forward gears and final drive hard machined   -          Cover,bearing plate: Introduction of plastic cover for weight reduction  -          Transmission for rodshift system-          Concentric slave cylinder for hydraulic clutch actuation -          Dry weight ( as shipped ) : 31,7 kg -          Transmission maintenance free General -          F17 transmission is build at GM plant in Wien-Aspern / Austria. -          Used in various GM applications with different gearsets and Final drive ratios. -          Applications with rod or cable shift versions with hydraulic or mechanical clutch actuation.  


    2008 F17-5 CR (M25)         061307
    Type: F17 CR 3.94 Manual 5 speed FWD transmission with integrated differential
    Engine range: 1.8L ( 2H0 )
    Maximum engine torque: 170 Nm
    Maximum gearbox torque:  175 Nm
    Gear ratios:   
    First: 3,727
    Second: 2,136
    Third:  1,414
    Fourth: 1,121
    Fifth:  0,892
    Reverse:  3,308
    Final Drive ratio: 3,944
    Center distance (mm): 180
    Shift system:  rod type
    Features / Benefits:  Clutch Actuated ( mechanical or hydraulic )
    Rod or cable shift system ( optional )
    single piece housing
    All gears hard machined ( except reverse )
    Flexibility for different vehicles
    weight, compact size advantage
    reduced noise, improved durability
    synchronizer system for high shift quality
      Cover differential with crash hook provision
      Adjusting ring for tapered roller bearing adjustment
      Two shaft design to cover fifth gear set
    Maximum input speed :  ( rpm ) 6500
    Clutch dimension max: 216 mm
    Fluid type:  BOT 402, fully synthetic ( fill for life )
    Transmission weight: dry as shipped 32 kg
    Fluid capacity (approximate): 1.44 kg
    Number of forward gears / reverse: 5 / 1
    Assembly sites:  Wien, Austria
    Applications: Saturn Astra



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  • 17-05-2009 20:43 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

     Multam Ovidiu....stiam si eu si cristidb de document.

    Dar el zice ca ce ai postat tu e F17.....F17+ e alta treaba si are mai multi Nm.

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  • 17-05-2009 21:05 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

     F13: 130Nm  F13+: 155Nm

    F18: 190Nm  F18+: 205Nm

    Modelele imbunatatite au suportat si un cuplu mai mare.

    Stiu sigur ca am gasit undeva F17+ 190Nm dar nu mai gasesc sursa. 

    Si daca ne uitam la documentul ala, chiar Opel trece peste limitele cutiei pentur ca turatia maxima la 18xer e 6800rpm nu 6500.

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  • 17-05-2009 21:38 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

    Poate aici :

    Cu toate ca eu nu am gasit specificat cuplul pt. F17+ .

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  • 17-05-2009 22:51 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

     Astra 1.8 a ajuns in USA in 2008.

    De ce crezi ca ar fi pus o cutie F17 de la sfarsitul anilor 90' si nu una F17+ ? 

    De ce datele postate de Ovidiu de pe site-ul GM nu ar fi adevarate ?

    Eu cred ca mai mult de 180 Nm nu poate.....

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  • 18-05-2009 18:53 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

    The five-speed gearbox F17: for front-wheel drive and engines with a maximum of 1.8 liters displacement and torque from 170 to 180 Newton meters. From 2008 produced in 44 variants. The large demand for small diesel engines is the first production in 2004 rising to 635,106 units. Opel and Saab put the F 17 in the gearbox Astra, Corsa, Combo, Meriva, Zafira, Tigra TwinTop and Saab 9-3 On.

    In the new work Astra F17 Gearbox from Aspern in conjunction with the 1.6 liter (77 kW / 105 hp) and 1.8 liter (92 kW / 125 hp) TWINPORT ECOTEC gasoline engines as well as with 1,7 CDTI ECOTEC diesel engine with 59 and 74 kW (80 hp or 100).

    The F 17-gear weighing approximately 30.5 kilograms and will be in Vienna-Aspern and Brazil produced. Wien-Aspern building types and 44 for Sportradsatz, normal and fuel-saving axle, four-axle (3.55 to 4.19).

      From the line:

    In Vienna-Aspern, the gear wheels for the 1st to 5 Gear, gear / gear block, Right front wheel, main shaft, Schieberad, switching sleeve 3 / 4 a.m. to 5 p.m., gearboxes, chassis balance, shield, shift fork, dog, lid and ring switching camps processed.

    These are seven transfer machines and 231 individual machines - 6 of them in the Härterei - in use. The assembly takes place on two lines (F17 and F17 MTA) and 56 stations.

    General Motors Powertrain - Austria has the F17 was the first in the industry vacuum systems used for hardening. Subsequently, this technology in the automotive world over. Unlike the conventional Stoßanlagen, the parts with Hochdruckgas instead of oil quenching. The delay and dimensional stability of the gear geometry are better, the whole process is cleaner and faster. The hardening in vacuum equipment lasts about four hours, one in Stoßanlagen 14 to 15 hours. In the F17 Härterei both procedures.

    Every day about 16 trucks deliver materials in 2800 containers. There are 183 parts (mostly small parts such as screws, plates, synchronizing rings, etc.) from 94 suppliers - from Austria, Germany, Japan, France, etc. - purchased. The top 20 transmission parts (casing, gears, etc.) come as blanks in the house for editing.

      Productivity Q 17:

    Per hour is 114 F17 gearbox with a cycle time of 27 seconds (MTA: 22 pieces per hour). Emissions in 2004 with the help of special coatings on a capacity of about 700,000 units up. The installed capacity is 627,000 units. 221 employees of the shafts / wheels and 220 production staff at the assembly / housing area currently require 1.74 hours per unit, they produce 114 pieces per hour or 2736 per day. Machines run after deduction of breaks, maintenance and repair in percent: F17-processing lines: 85 percent, F17 Mounting: 97.5 percent.

    F17 History in motion:

    Fall 1992: start of production for the previous model, the F15 gearbox, for the new 1.6 liter engine with 16-valve technique had been developed.
    December 1997 change from F15 to F17, in order to reduce the fuel consumption. The development brings more smoothness (less noise), more torque and is suitable for modern engines with higher torque. The teeth of the gear wheels 2 a.m. to 3 p.m. is now hard-worked (grinding and honing) rather softly scraped, gear wheels, the 1 o'clock-2 o'clock consist of higher material
    On 25 November 2002 replaces the F17 + Step 2 from the old F17. The + F17 again offers improved shift comfort. These were all the gear wheels, the front wheel and gear DC Block (from 0.8 to 1.5 mm) wider, additional needle bearing from 1 and 2 Course, higher strength material for the 2nd Course, finer Schaltmuffen and Schieberadverzahnung used, the tooth thickness of the bevel gears strengthened and modified to synchronize the switching routes shortened.
    The F17 Easytronic production runs on 10 June 2003 - The F13 is Easytronic since the year 2000 in Aspern manufactured.

    The Easytronic production for the Opel brand is concentrated in Vienna. Since 2000, the automatic gearbox in the series F13 and since June 2003, the F17.

    The manufacturing facilities for the five-speed gearbox and the lines for the Easytronic F 13 (motors up to 1.6 liters and 130 Newton meters) and F17 are around 33,000 square meters in the west of the site concentrates. Since mid-December 2003, at General Motors Powertrain - Austria in Vienna Easytronic seven variants and three versions of F13 and four F17 manufactured. 5 stations of the assembly line, for F13 Easytronic the F17 Easytronic rebuilt and two additional error avoidance systems inserted. Recently, the adaptation for the new Astra with Can-bus, since January 2004 is manufactured in Antwerp.

    The F17 Easytronic, automated manual transmission comes with the Opel Corsa, Meriva and the new Astra to use the F13 Easytronic alongside the new Corsa Tigra.


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  • 18-05-2009 19:14 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

     nu vreau sa intru in polemici, revin cu o noua adaugire...cutia care am montat e un f17 de pe astra g de 1.6

    curios, dar de la treapta a 3-a in sus, rapoartele sunt mai lungi iar top speedul a crescut. referitor la cuplul care il suporta, eds dau ca cifre pt remapare la 1.8 xer 115 de cai si 200 Nm.

    garantez ca dupa remapare nu trebuie schimbata cutia, rezista fara probleme.

    astra gtc 1.8 140 hp
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  • 18-05-2009 20:29 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP



     azi am montat cutie de 1.6 xer pe a mea, si nu s-a modificat nimic, e la fel ca cea veche

    Pana la urma ce cutie ai montat? Z16XER nu s-a pus pe astra G.

    Viteza maxima creste prin montarea unei cutii mai lungi doar daca in ultima treapta motorul ajunge peste turatia de putere maxima. Eu am mers cu un Z18XER si la 220km/h pe vitezometru avea cam 6200rpm. Mai mult nu a vrut. Puterea maxima la motorul asta e la 6300.

    Producatorul da o valoare garantata a cuplului pe care il suporta cutia. Probabil ca nu se rupe de la cativa Nm in plus. Multe 1,7 remapate cu cutie f17 merg fara probleme. Spre deosebire de producator, care ofera o garantie reala in sensul ca inlocuiesc piesa daca se defecteaza folosita la parametrii specificati, cu tunerii e relativa treaba. Crezi ca iti va inlocui cineva cutia de viteze sau orice alta piesa care se rupe dupa tuning? Modificarile le faci pe riscul tau. 

    Poate de arati si noua cateva poze cu ce ai modificat si ne spui la ce performate ai ajuns. Sau poate chiar ne arati ce poate masina ta dupa atatea modificari, sa vedem si noi daca facem la fel sau nu. Smile

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  • 18-05-2009 20:30 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

    chiar Opel trece peste limitele cutiei pentur ca turatia maxima la 18xer e 6800rpm nu 6500.

    Eu zic ca sunt  6300 rot/min . Vezi si in primul post .

    Sau pe gm media . Deci cutia este OK .

    Gasoline engines    



    1.6 ECOTEC    

    1.6 Turbo ECOTEC

    1.8 ECOTEC

    Max. output

    [kW (hp) / rpm]

    66 (90) / 5600        

    77 (105) / 6000         

    85 (115) / 6000    

    132 (180) / 5500

    103 (140) / 6300

    1,8i/16v - SFI/125 CP - ESP-COSMO -MOONLAND
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  • 18-05-2009 20:36 In reply to

    Re: Motorul 1.8i 140CP

     6300 e turatia de putere maxima. La 6800 taie alimentarea. E 100% sigur, am verificat personal. Si la mine puterea maxima e la 6000 dar turatia maxima e 6500.

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